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Side Star Plank

Side Star Plank

This is an advanced version of the plank exercise. It focuses on working your side abdominals, and hip abductors and is more difficult than a regular side plank.


Start by lying on your side on a mat. One foot should be crossed over the other to keep your self stabilized. Arm should be bent to rest your weight on your forearm. Make sure that your body is straight.

Slowly push your hip in an upwards motion, strictly using your abdominals. You should be resting on your forearm, but controlling your balance by keeping your abs tight.

Release your arm from your hip and point it towards the ceiling. At the same time lift your top leg towards the ceiling as if to make a star-like formation. Slowly bring leg and arm back down and return to start position.

Recommended reps: 8-10 reps to start, and increase as you progress.

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