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About Us


I am Mamuka and I am a fitness instructor. I have been in this field for 16 years. Obtaining a good diet through your diet does not mean starving. You can’t lose weight with hunger. During the mono diet the body is stressed you shake the psyche you can not get the result you expected  If you lose 2 kilos during “diet” / “hunger”, you will gain at least 4 kilos

The body is damaged … skin … nerves … hair, etc ….. If you take a type of food then all the vitamins are shed from the body and occur. hair loss Nail breakage Weakness Headache Character

You are irritable and easily tired. You can lose weight, but at the expense of water.  Fat in the body is nearly identical to what it was before the beginning of the diet. With these diets where you are most hungry, you will have heart disease problems.. 2 Diabetes, 3 Impaired immunity, 4 Kidney diseases Improper diet / nutrition can lead to obesity Gastrointestinal degeneration We realize that the system is not suitable for us and we pause. Right now we can put in a double or more. Be familiar with contra-indications before starting a diet. Listen to your body to avoid problems Because you know the signal from your body. Can i help you Determine the proper nutrition for your body and schedule.

If you also want to lose weight well and healthy, write to me in the comments more and or write to me personally

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