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Fly Push Ups

Fly Push Ups

This exercise is designed to strengthen the side abdominal muscles in addition to the chest, shoulders and triceps.


Start by lying on the mat in a regular push up position. You should be face down on the mat with arms bent at your sides, palms flat on the mat.

Exhale and push into a regular push up position. Make sure to keep your abs engaged and back straight.

Once you have fully extended your arms without locking the elbows, lift one arm out to the side and twist your body sideways into a side plank so that you are reaching towards the ceiling. Return to regular push up position and finish regular push up for one rep.

Recommended reps: 10-12. You can increase the number of reps as you progress. For added difficulty, carry dumbbells in each hand (use round ended dumbbells to work the core)

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